Dating aria acoustic guitar

Dating aria acoustic guitar

Dating aria acoustic guitar 1

To identify the manufacture date of an aria guitar first locate the serial number which is likely located on the back of the neck on an electric or in the body of an acoustic guitar if a serial number is not present the guitar was likely manufactured prior to the mid1970s.

Dating aria acoustic guitar 2

At least for aria guitars made by matsumoku the serial number contains the year of manufacture in the first 2 digits thus a guitar from 1979 would have a serial number such as 79 the manufacturing of aria guitars were subcontracted out.

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I think it might be from around 1987 just after aria switched production to korea but i cant be sure as i really dont know how to date these guitars and the web is full of conflicting info pics.

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aria guitars emerged on the music scene in 1958 with the first electric models appearing five years later with such a large number of years in production owners of aria guitars often want to know what.

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I acquired an aria acoustic guitar today the owner thought it was probably 20 years old but was not sure i think it is probably a basic model even though it has binding used.

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Official website of aria guitars co leading in quality and excellence of electric acoustic bass and classical guitars since 1965.

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Find great deals on ebay for aria acoustic guitar in acoustic guitar shop with confidence find great deals on ebay for aria acoustic guitar in acoustic guitar shop with confidence skip to main content serial dating sets this guitar as a 1978 matsumoku lawsuit era gibson dove copy construction materials include a maple.

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From 1967 aria added a variety of models including the solid body 1962t r320 and violin shaped 12string and bass guitars and a full acoustic guitar the 1262 in 1975 aria pro ii was developed from arias custom shop making highend models for professional users.

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