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World dating series wiki

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The 2010 world series was the championship series of major league baseballs mlb 2010 season the 106th edition of the world series it was a bestofseven playoff played between the american league al champion texas rangers and the national league nl champion san francisco giants the giants won the series four games to one to secure their first world series championship since.

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Fans have created a timeline of the harry potter series from a single piece of information in harry potter and the chamber of secrets at nearly headless nicks deathday party in that book his death is stated to have been on 31 october 1492 since the celebration was commemorating the.

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Writing and literature form an integral part in societies all across the world of avatar all four nations use a common system of characters borrowed from the chinese system for daily purposes the four nations primarily use writing for communication and literary purposes but there are some who.

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The avatar world has an extensive history dating back more than twenty thousand years this article lists historical events in a timeline the history of this world can be roughly divided into two parts the time before the avatar and the time of the avatar prior to the avatars creation lion.

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The joker is a supervillain and the archenemy of batman he was first introduced in batman1 spring 1940 and has remained consistently popular the joker is a master criminal with a clownlike appearance and is considered one of the most infamous criminals within gotham city initially.

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Aaron is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in amcs the walking deadaaron was the recruiter for the community of the alexandria safezonehis goodnatured and charitable personality mixed with his survival skills and good judge of character made him a valuable asset to recruiting new members for the community.

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